From his window, a man recorded a woman who was trying to park her car. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing!

It’s commonly believed that men are much better drivers than women. Although no research or tests confirm this, it’s hard to deny it when watching the following video. 

A man from Dortmund, Germany saw a lady through the window who was trying with all her might to park her little car in a small parking space. He grabbed his phone and began recording the whole situation.


Her struggle lasted six minutes, but we don’t know how much time she had already been at it, before the man turned his camera on. The recording on one hand is ridiculous, but on the other hand gives you food for thought and forces reflection on how it’s possible that the main character of the video passed her driving test? Parking is after all one of the basic maneuvers that should be known before getting behind the wheel.

After several failed attempts, driving onto the grass and an attempt to run over the flowers, the woman had probably given up and drove off to look for another parking space. Let’s hope she parked the first time around :). Take a look at the video.

Have you ever seen something like this before?