She went to see if her child was playing politely in the yard. She hardly recognized them!

Kids have heads full of ideas and you never know what new idea they will come up with.

When parents are watching, they are on guard, but when they take their eyes off them for a moment, they start to get sneaky. They know that no one controls them and they want to use this moment in a creative way. They start to plunder, toss toys, paint the walls or climb the furniture. Some fun does not end up for the best, but these little ones do not draw conclusions from their behavior.

They try again and then again are painfully convinced that this was an unreasonable move. Most children love to muddle in the mud. As soon as they see a puddle on the road, they immediately enter it. Mothers are therefore very unhappy because the source of satisfaction is dirty and exposes them to bacteria. It turns out that they should loosen up a bit, because contact with dirt is not as damaging as was previously thought.

Scientists have proven that contact with microbes from early childhood shapes the immune system of children. Apparently, the growing number of allergy sufferers and asthmatics are the result of excessive sterilization of houses. Experts warn that the deprivation of activities that bring children into contact with microbes has tragic consequences. It is not worth it to be nervous when a child gets his hands dirty or licks a somewhat unclean surface.

A lot of people say that the following video shows healthy and happy children. You can see three toddlers that are joyfully playing in mud. They are so dirty that they resemble small black men. The kids have been set down for a moment and found a great deal of fun. The first mother looks less than satisfied. She holds a green twig in her hand. Perhaps she wanted to use it to encourage her son to leave the mud?