Funny animal pictures in a photo contest. You have to see it – laughter guaranteed

You can find a lot of photo competitions, where any one of us could participate, on the Internet. Photo contests are popular mostly because everyone of us has a fairly good camera with us almost all the time. As you know, it’s not about owning the best reflex camera with the highest resolution, which previous generations could only dream of.

Yet, sometimes all you need to capture a magical moment is just a normal phone. Setting aside equipment related issues, the competitions themselves are more and more interesting.

Every year the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards competition, where judges take into consideration interesting and funny pictures of wild animals, is announced. It show quite a different, cheery side of nature 🙂

1. Remember what you mother told you: “Eat your meat or you can’t have any pudding!”


2. Terrifying spa treatment.


3. Someone’s gone wild!


4. He still needs to practice winking.


5. Human, helpppppppp!


6. I had too much fermented fruit…


7. Sometimes you gotta get away from the bustle of life.


8. You can’t tell if it’s yawning or laughing at the gazelle.