Get to know the story of Rocky. A special dog who has traveled thousands of miles to find its master

A dog is man’s best friend, who is always faithful to its master and never forgets about their bond connecting them. An example of boundless canine love and longing is the story of Rocky, a dog who has never slept in search of its master.

Ibrahim FWAL is a quiet 65-year-old man from Syria, who lived for many years in Italy, in Carrara. About 3 years ago, he decided to embellish his Tuscan life and bought a dog. He decided on a German shepherd and as he admits, when he saw the puppy in the kennel, he fell in love with it at first sight. As it turned out, the love was reciprocated and the animal quickly became attached to its master, and didn’t leave him even by a step. The young dog was named Rocky.

Buying a dog is a very serious decision.


Once Ibrahim took his dog to the beach. The day was beautiful and hot, so the owner decided to swim in the sea, leaving the dog on a towel. But when he returned to his pet, it was nowhere to be seen. Runaway seemed unlikely, because the dog itself reluctantly walked away from the owner. It was probably kidnapped by Gypsies, which in Italy is an increasingly prevalent issue. Ibrahim was crushed and tried to find the dog, but to no avail. Finally, after a few months, he came to peace with his loss, but he didn’t want to buy another pet.

A cute purebred puppy was left unattended, is what the thieves said.