Girl found two panty liners. She used them in a way that both surprised and made her mother laugh

The youngest of us see the world differently. What for us adults is obvious, for children is sometimes strange and incomprehensible. They have their own explanation for almost everything, and it seems to them that they’re the ones who see the world best. They use the simplest way of thinking, which sometimes leads to some misunderstandings, laughter or huge disappointment.

Hazel Hulse was very surprised when one day she saw two panty liners in a shoebox. It quickly turned out that her young daughter Sophia had placed them there. The five-year-olds explanation proved so funny that Hazel decided to share it on Facebook.


I’m about to die laughing!!!!! Sophia was trying on her school stuff, so I went and got her shoes out of the box.
Me: ‘Sophia!!!! Why the heck have you got these in your shoe box?!’
Sophia: ‘Mummy, they’re insoles! They make your shoes more comfy? You’re so silly!’

You can’t make this stuff up!


As you can see, children’s imaginations have no boundaries. Let’s hope that as soon as the time comes, the mother will explain to her what purpose panty liners really serve.