Girl showed a little cat what he looks like. His reaction is hilarious

Not everyone is satisfied with how they look. Oftentimes, women attempt to point out some of their imperfections and look at the mirror with sadness. It’s important to accept yourself for who you are and stop trying to find each and every one of your flaws. When you’ll come to like yourself, your life will become easier and you’ll be able to enjoy it much more.

A little girl decided to conduct a certain experiment. She printed a photo of her tiny cat and showed it to him up close. Surely she didn’t expect him to react in the way he did.


He was terribly frightened, his hair began to stand on end and he began moving away from the photo. Since the picture was enlarged, he probably thought it was a larger animal standing in front of him.

Though it all looked ridiculous, trying similar experiments isn’t worth it, because you could cause your pet severe stress. Especially with young kittens, this stress could turn into fear of other cats. Some felines are afraid of their own reflection in the mirror, so don’t forcibly make them stand in front of one. They’ll get used to their appearance with time and won’t react so violently.