This blind dog has its own guide, that helps it live a normal life. However, fate is not always rosy…

Glen and Buzz are two almost ten years old dogs who confirm that true friendship can exist not only between people but also among animals. They have been together for a long time, and when someone tries to separate them – they react with fear and become restless. The bond between them is simply amazing.

Unfortunately, their life is not a bed of roses. Apart from the fact that Glenn can’t see, they both struggle with another problem – the dogs don’t have a permanent home. Currently they are living in the rescue centre in Coxhoe, Durham, in northern England, but are still looking for a new home where they can live in peace till their last days… If you want to help these friends, here’s more info ->



Buzz helps Glenn in daily activities. He hands him a bowl of food, helps with finding a bed and makes sure that the friend is alright.


As the dogs react very badly even for a short separation, they can only be adopted together.