She bought chicken drumsticks on promotion. When she brought them home, strange things began to happen to them!

It is nothing new, that sellers impose stale meat on customers.

They want to sell from the cold store the goods and lower its price, sometimes even halfway. Customers are encouraged by the tempting discount to buy exceptionally cheap poultry or pork. When they bring home this meat, they are sometimes unpleasantly surprised. The product for the dinner smells bad, is sticky and has a greyish or greasy coating.

All these qualities testify to the fact that the meat had long contact with air and began to deteriorate. Eating food prepared from it may cause food poisoning, so it is better not to put it in one’s mouth. Waiters sometimes “refresh” spoiled meat, soaking them in salt water. This allows you to get rid of bad odor and to restore the legs, hams or meat rolls to the right color.

If they are still in the refrigerator, they are made of meatballs or minced pork chops. Proper spices and long frying make the meat not smelly and seemingly suitable for consumption. Pretty recently the inhabitants of Lesser Poland have been tempted by cheaply-priced chicken drumsticks. They cost little, because they cost less than 6 zł per kilogram. Mrs. Malgorzata was going to make a delicious dinner, but when she got home and looked at the meat, she was very surprised.

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