GMO Genetically modified organisms – how can you avoid it? Look for a specific product label!

Genetically modified organisms labeled by the acronym GMO have in the world as many supporters as opponents. In our country, however, there’s more of the latter! People don’t want to eat fruits and vegetables, whose genome has been altered by genetic engineering. The question therefore arises; how can we identify modified products among the GMO-free ones while shopping?

According to the law there’s an obligation for modified food labeling. The labeling is only for what comes directly from modified organisms, e.g. articles made from the milk of animals fed on GM feed are exempt from this obligation. The law doesn’t specify a logo or part of the package, which should show the information. In practice, it’s done so that the GMOs appear in the fine print in the list of ingredients of the product.


The surest guarantee of the absence of organisms with an altered genome is an organic farming label. it’s placed only on certified organic products! The logo from July 1, 2012 appears on all eco packaged foods. This makes the identification of organic products easier, and consumers can choose foods more consciously.


Fruits and vegetables

Look closer at exactly the labels when shopping:

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