Good, that keeps on coming back!

Even though many people don’t believe it and think of it as superstitious, I personally believe that whatever you give to the world always comes back to you. In one form or another, the good that you share with others will return to you, sometimes in ways that you completely would never expect. Sue, who didn’t know that saving a homeless cat would turn out to be her salvation, learned about this law of the world personally.

Sue found a small cat 20 years ago, when she was coming back home. The small black-and-white cat was sitting frozen on her porch. Without hesitation, she took him home, and despite of her husband’s protests, the little thing became a resident of their home.

The cat went about his own way, he wasn’t a lazy resident nor eager for petting. He was dignified and didn’t like petting nor hanging around close to people. Yet one day, everything changed.


Tom, the name the cat received, didn’t go too far away from her owner. When she sat on the couch, she did something unexpected – she jumped on her lap and put her front paws on her right arm and started to loudly meow.


At first, she thought that this was just a catty whim, but since her behavior hasn’t changed for two weeks, she took him to the veterinarian. The vet didn’t find anything unsettling, the cat was perfectly healthy.


And once again, the lady was touched by her intuition and went to see the doctor herself. It turned out, that she was right. The woman was sent to the hospital, where doctors found an aggressive tumor on her right arm.



If it wasn’t for the cat, the woman wouldn’t have had a clue about it and might of not have received treatment. The cat, who was saved by her, now saved her life! They say that, like karma, what goes around, comes around.