Greed can kill, and this python is the best proof. Take a look at what the snake wanted to eat and what cost the animal its life

“I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse” – this is what we say when we feel hunger in our stomach. A python most likely had that type of appetite, because it decided too hastily and snatched up the wrong prey.

Snakes are animals which, thanks to the incredible way in which their bodies are built, swallow their prey whole, though it’s often larger than they themselves. The reptile digests its meal for weeks, that’s why it eats very rarely. With such ways of eating, the appropriate prey must be chosen, but one python made a mistake and was soon after found dead.

snake pas

In the Lake Eland National Park in South Africa, cyclists found a dead snake. It was visible that the animal had eaten recently, because something was clearly sticking out of its body.
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Park officials were called to the scene in order to unravel the mystery of the python’s death.

What was inside of the animal? You’ll find the answer and pictures on the next page.

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