Guess What’s Behind This Cupboard! These Parents Made A Great Surprise!

When the house was built, the boy was 2 years old. This room served as a storage room for unnecessary things, mainly due to the slope of the roof. The room was covered with linoleum and old wood panelling and had an old light switch. The entrance to the room was hidden behind an old dresser, so a boy even had no idea that there is an extra room.

The greater was the surprise when it turned out that the parents have prepared for him a “secret room”. The gift was prepared to celebrate his 4th birthday.  All the work took place when the boy was in kindergarten, so they managed to keep the surprise a secret until the end. Linoleum has been replaced by panels, the walls were covered with cardboard – gypsum sheets.  The room was painted, the parents bought the necessary accessories to the room and took care of the lighting.

Comparison: before and after!


It was a hit!

The best part was a treasure hunt at home. On the basis of the guidelines, the birthday boy with his parents was looking for his gift. He needed some help, because it was “very, very difficult.” In the end, the boy came up with the idea to move the dresser. Here’s how the conversation went on:

Mom: What do you see? “I asked.

Son: “This is not door,” he said.

Mom: “What do you think we should do?”

Son: “I think we should look inside.”

Mom: “What do you think is inside?”

Son: “Maybe the treasure? ” He went inside wide-eyed and asked: “Where is my birthday present?”

Mom: “We are in a birthday present.”

Son: “What is it?”

Mom: “This is your room”

This is “The Treasure Room” – the boy said that he would show it to everyone.

After a tour around the new room the boy said, “Oh, it is pretty cool, Mom!”

Then, he thought “secret treasure! I like this room “- he jumped up and down. “Thank you, Dad and Mom.” Tired of new attractions he fell asleep in the new room with a smile on his face.

This is how the secret passage was made!


Before the renovation the room couldn’t be used.