She put her guinea pig into the microwave and turned the appliance on. She was counting on getting likes, but instead she was flooded with the worst insults!

Viktoria Muller of Brazil behaved like an animal. But if she was expecting likes, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Animals, especially small, home pets, don’t have much of a chance in defending themselves against people. That’s why we have so much sympathy for animals, and a little less for people. We’re also wondering where in the world teens get such sick ideas? Do they not think about the consequences of their decisions at all? They just say YOLO and go with the flow? That’s what it must be like.

It’s terrible to live in a society where a person’s value is measured by the number of thumbs pointing up. What’s worse is that people are really ready to do anything for fame. Killing a defenseless creature without blinking an eye isn’t any sort of big feat for them. People really aren’t doing well. Proof of this is the example of 16-year-old Viktoria Muller. The Brazilian sadist stuck her guinea pig into the microwave without even blinking an eye.

What did she want to prove by doing that? We don’t really know what was going through the head of this young, empty girl. She got the fame she so wanted. However, becoming popular was a bit of a hiccup. Internet users poured a bucket of insults over the girl’s head in the comments. They competed with one another not only in name calling her, but also in ways of punishing the girl for treating an animal so cruelly. Viktoria’s social media accounts were flooded with example punishments for her. The hashtag #punishmentforviktoria was added to comments by thousands of internet users. The teenager had to delete all of her profiles, flooded with hate speech.

 What happened to animal that was fried in the kitchen appliance? You’ll see and read about it on the next page.