Nose hair extensions! A new fashion trend that will conquer the world?

From time to time various fashion trends appear on the internet.

Instagram has introduced at least 20 very strange trends since the beginning of 2017, which has led to a surge in users. Some are idiotic and do not remain indifferent to health such as putting glitter on the tongue (trend #glittertongue). Doctors explain that it is dangerous to health because glitter can cause severe irritation of the throat and esophagus.

It is made of plastic or foil and if swallowed, it is exposed to gastric problems and gastrointestinal traumas. Momentary popularity is not worth health problems. It is not only these glittering tongues ​​that have gained a lot of Instagram likes. Equally popular have been hairy nails, feathered eyebrows, eyebrows or trimming the upper lip in the shape of an amor arc.

The stranger the fashion trend, the more likely it is to come from an Asian country. As it is well known, the people of Asia have heads full of ideas and love experimenting with their own looks. Recently the attention of the Internet was captured by a young girl with the nickname @gret_chen_chen. What’s so special about her? Nothing, except that she reportedly prolonged her hair in her nose.

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