Which portions you should eat, you have written … on the palm of your hand! Find out if you eat too little or too much

Choosing the right portion of food will make you not have to give up what you like and not gain weight.

What we eat affects our health. Therefore, when we care about it, we miss a lot of food from the wide variety. And it’s not about the art of eating nothing but eating with your head. Everything is for the people, but you have to maintain moderation, otherwise you may not only gain weight but also destroy your health. Fats or sugars are needed, but you cannot exaggerate them.

It’s not easy to figure out how much to eat. We count calories, we weigh the food, but over time we have enough of it. We eat too much and suffer because our stomach is heavy, we feel heavy and we do not have energy. And there are simple patents that, if used in life, will make you eat enough to have the energy and strength to live. One way is to read from the palm of your hand, which shows exactly how much each of us should eat. Warning! The given sizes do not affect children because they can eat far more fruits, vegetables and meat than shown by their hands.

As you have 5 parts in your hand, you should eat 5 times a day. The thumb is breakfast, index finger – snack, middle – lunch, ring- is a second snack, pinky is dinner. And so it should be eaten breakfast and a light good lunch, and the dinner should be really modest. This will make the energy level high and the stomach and intestines unloaded at night.

 Cracked fats are carbohydrates

Pasta, rice or porridge, and a portion of the size of your fist will make you full. The same goes for potatoes and fries. A fist, no more.


The interior of the hand is protein.

So the interior of the palm is the size of meat or fish, in general the protein you should eat at one meal.