Happily ever after? Think again. Find out the real endings of popular fairy tales!

If you don’t want to ruin your childhood then don’t read this. This warning is necessary, since it turns out that Disney, wanting to spare children from disappointment, has radically changed the endings of the popular stories of the Brothers Grimm.

At first, the tales were made with adults in mind, and only later did children take over the world of fairy tales. Yet, long ago, when the forest was a real threat or long winters, and wolves decimated villages, children weren’t enchanted with cute stories.

These tales were supposed to prepare children for a serious matter – the presence of evil in the world. Walt Disney, who changed dark tales into cute stories where everyone lives happily ever after, changed everything.

1. Snow White

In Disney’s version, the Evil Queen falls into a sudden and unexpected death. Well, the brothers Grimm gave her a worse downfall – in the original version the Evil Queen had to dance in hot steel boots, until she didn’t die from pain and exhaustion.


2. Sleeping Beauty

The story of the sleeping Aurora wasn’t good enough for showing it to kids. Why? Because in the original version in the book, you don’t wake her up with a kiss, but you take advantage of her, and the beauty not knowing anything wakes up a few months later in late pregnancy.


3. The Snow Queen or Frozen

In the original version in the book, the broken mirror poisons the hearts of all people, who see the world as immoral and broken.


4. Pinocchio

In the book, Pinocchio, a bad wooden boy, crushes the talking grasshopper, who is the personification of his conscience. He shows up later as a ghost. Disney has also spared this from children, and in his version, the grasshopper lives.


5. Rapunzel or Tangled

In the Disney version, Rapunzel is saved by the rogue Flinn, but in the original version it’s not so jolly. The witch finds out, that the prince visits Rapunzel and in a fit of rage sends the girls off to the desert and makes the prince go blind.


6. The Little Mermaid

Unfortunately, in the original version, the prince Eric and Ariella aren’t a happy marriage. Eric marries a different woman, and the mermaid changes into sea foam. And the transformation into a person isn’t as wonderful as it would seem to be. Arielle feels like a thousand knives penetrate her foot with each step she takes.


7. Cinderella

Cinderella doesn’t end as wonderfully as it does in the Disney stories. In order to fit their foot in the slipper, Cinderella’s stepsisters cut off a part of their feet, and their lie is punished additionally by having birds pick out their eyes.


This news will probably ruin several happy childhoods. However, the stories were made hundreds of years ago, and only our age has made tales with wonderful, enchanting princes.