Happy parents were taking pictures of their children when a strange object found on the beach. It was only later that they learned the terrible truth

Kelly and Gareth Gravell were spending carefree moments together with their children on one of the rarely visited beaches in South Wales. When they were swimming, they saw a massive object in the shallows. Fascinated by the discovery, they decided to look at it closely. At first, they thought it was an old buoy covered with seaweed.

The kids got particularly interested in it. 6-year-old Erin and 4-year-old Ellis began to tap it and sat at the top of it while their parents took their souvenir photos.


A few days later, a family friend told them about a warning placed by the lifeguards of the landscape park. They warned them to be cautious as close to the beach there may mines from World War II. The parents immediately realized what this could have been the object that their children had touched.


It turned out to be a 70-year-old American naval mine. If it had exploded, all of them would have died on the spot. The bomb was quickly secured and detonated in the appropriate area. The Gravells watched the explosion and thanked God that it had not exploded before.

Various items are often thrown out on the beach by the sea and are not dangerous. The Welsh sunbathers had completely no idea that some of them can be so dangerous!