Producers will not tell you this! Cooking rice in plastic bags is very harmful, especially for children!

We like the shortcuts and solutions that help us save time, but they do not always go hand in hand with our health.

We have less and less time to fulfill our household duties, especially when we are working, so we accept all amenities and shortcuts with open arms. The times when you could afford to cook a two-course, rich lunch every day are long gone. Now for cooking we have an hour, sometimes half. Therefore, if we see a product that will save us time, we will not hesitate to take it.


Of course, we are sensitive and know to not go for prepared sauces and dishes that are full of chemicals. Targeted preservatives and upgrades become part of the past in the last few years. Each of us, when we have the choice, will take off the shelf a sauce without glutamate or other harmful substance. Many companies are praised for not using artificial colors and flavor enhancers. We are tempted by ready-made dishes, which come under the name of “Like at Grandma’s” and are supposed to resemble those homemade flavors.


Many people pay attention to what they like and prefer to prepare for themselves even a simple meal, rather than reach for ready meals. If you are a lousy or novice chef, it is usually served on pasta and rice, which can be prepared quickly, easily and with a tasty sauce.

This is to make cooking easier and make it easier to cope with grains. However, none of the manufacturers would like to admit that such a way of cooking can seriously affect your health!

Chef de Paprika