Harmful ingredients in cosmetics for babies. See what to avoid, so you don’t hurt your child

Unfortunately, we live in an era in which we’re attacked from everywhere by harmful substances. We breathe into our lungs fumes along with the air we inhale, we eat pesticides along with the food we eat, we often rub into our skin chemicals from the entire periodic table along with cosmetics we use…

It turns out that manufacturers of cosmetics for children often use substances whose safety is questionable in production. In the case of some ingredients, it has not yet officially been stated that they’re dangerous, but the latest research confirms that something’s fishy. And it’s not only has to do with allergic reactions, which may be caused by an ingredient, but the suspicion that it may act carcinogenic! Moreover, many of these substances had or still have industrial use; for example, in producing detergents for washing machines … How did it happen that they found their way into cosmetics for people, and even children?!


After all, we want what’s best for our children. Using harmful cosmetics to care for their small bodies doesn’t give children a good start … So carefully read the ingredients and choose the products whose safety you don’t doubt. Which ingredients should be avoided? Read on the next page!