Have you ever noticed the lines encircling your wrists? Check to see what kind of future is written in them

People have always been curious of their future, so a variety of methods are tested to get information or even hints on what is yet to happen in our lives. This is how fortune-telling and reading of hands was born, which today are integral parts of the world. 

There are many ways to brighten the darkness of the future: some use playing cards, others coffee grounds, while yet others look at the stars or into a crystal ball. Reading hands is also popular, but few people know that our future is also stored on our wrists, where Rascetta lines, otherwise known as bracelets, are present. These small wrinkles are lines of longevity, but also provide information about our health, well-being and social recognition.


Each of the three Rascetta lines foretell another 30 years of human life. The line should encircle the wrist joint from just above the thumb to the pinky finger, but if the lines are shorter, then one’s lifespan will be shorter than 30 years.

Line 1

A clearly marked first Rascetta line means that a person will enjoy good health. If the line isn’t solid all the way through, it’s an omen for problems with the urinary tract, and among women it’s a sign of problems with the reproductive system (at a young age with menstruation, and at an older age, with conception).

Line 2

If the second line is quite noticeable, it guarantees good health until old age. In addition, it indicates the amount of financial success: the deeper, the more confident we can expect our success in the accumulation of material goods to be.

Line 3

The presence of a third line shows the success of one’s social life. The clearer the line is, the higher the social status that we strive for and will be perceived as being influential in society.

The third line also relays information about the strength of bonds with friends and family. The human hand is full of secrets.