Have you ever sent a text message while driving? This video could save your life

Driving requires knowledge, practical skills and a lot of concentration, which in turn allows the driver to control the situation on the road and respond quickly to unexpected changes. Unfortunately, in the last decade, more and more drivers are distracted, mainly by using their phones.

Every year, thousands of people die in traffic accidents caused by inattentive drivers who instead of paying attention to the road, are looking at the screens of their phones. Just a few seconds of carelessness can lead to someone’s death, which is an unimaginable tragedy for the people to whom the victim was close.


The goal of the social campaign “The Last Word” is to warn people against how big of a threat sending text messages while driving is. In their video, the creators don’t use the scene of a grisly accident, broken glass on the road and blood running down the hood of the car to scare drivers, but they show what happens much later, when relatives come to bury their beloved son, husband, father …

The day of the funeral is traumatic for children saying goodbye to their parents.

The campaign is led by the non-profit organization Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, which works on improving road safety. The filmmakers warn viewers with the slogan “Don’t let the last say belong to your phone. Promise that you won’t send text messages while driving” and encourage them to submit such an oath through a dedicated website. More than 14,000 people have already signed the commitment.

The sight of a child carrying his father’s coffin will touch everyone.

The loss of a loved one is a painful experience that changes life forever. The emptiness which follows and longing for the deceased flood the heart and mind, and while time heals all wounds, many people never quite reconcile with the loss of a loved one. Take a moment to think of all those who are mourning and about your own experiences with the departure of relatives before you make the decision to use a cell phone while driving.

Remember, replying to a text message is not worth your own life and the despair of people close to you.