Have you ever wondered how magicians do their tricks? We’ll share the secrets behind 7 of them

People have always been looking for magic, especially when something couldn’t be explained using knowledge currently available to mankind. This is how all sorts of sorcerers, magicians and those who had mastered some tricks made their money for centuries, tricking the senses of their audiences.

Magicians’ tricks sometimes come as a surprise and spectators can’t find a rational explanation for what they saw, which therefore leads them to believe that what they saw were mysterious events involving witchcraft. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you: magical tricks are based solely on the cleverness of magicians and their assistants as well as on the use of optical illusions and other clever inventions.


1. Sawing a person in half

A woman in a box, being sawn in half, is a very well-known trick. Its catch is that there are actually two ladies who are tidily hiding in the boxes. To make the audience believe that it’s impossible for two people to fit in one box, they make them appear smaller e.g. by using mirrors or covers with special patterns.

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2. The levitating woman

What is the key element to this trick? The place where the magician stands as he’s the one masking the support beams which hold the woman above the ground. Next time you see this trick live, pay attention to where the magician’s feet are.

Explanations of the following 5 tricks, including the levitating monk, can be found on the next page.


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