Have you ever wondered how magicians do their tricks? We’ll share the secrets behind 7 of them

3. Against the laws of gravity

Do you ever wonder how a magician leans over at an unnatural angle and doesn’t fall down? It’s all thanks to a pair of special shoes, named after Michael Jackson. These shoes have a special hole in them, which acts as a hook. All there has to be is a nail in the floor and the magician can lean as far as to the ground.


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4. Cut-off feet

Cutting the body arouses fear and terror, which is why magicians are so willing to perform these tricks. There’s no reason to worry about the health of the magicians’ assistants, because these ladies are neatly fitted in the boxes, and their real feet are replaced by artificial ones.

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5. The levitating woman #2

How does the magician raise a woman this time? The assistant lies down on a board, which is placed on some glass panels, arranged in such a way so that the spectators don’t notice them. Assistants located under the stage lift up the whole construction and the audience is under the impression that the woman is rising all by herself.

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