Have you ever wondered why a dog walks in circles before it lays down? We already know!

Every animal has its own habits. We think that these little quirks that our pets have are just sweet. However, as it turns out, their behaviors are the remnants of ancient ancestors.

Habits acquired through centuries of evolution don’t get forgotten so easily, since they were the deciding factors of survival. The walking of dogs in circles before they go to bed, whether it’s in their bed or in another place where they plan to take a nap, has its origins in the days when dogs lived in the wild.

When a dog living in the wild wanted to get some rest, it looked for the appropriate place, one that was dry and warm. Such places are also favored by other animals such as snakes. That is why dogs tend to circle and stomp on the place where they want to sleep. Earlier, this method was used by them to scare off venomous animals which were a potential threat to them.



Today, such behavior is unnecessary, especially when dogs sleep on a bed in a warm home. However, the reflexes developed by ancestors remain.

Next time your dog will behave like this, don’t worry, he’s just looking for the best and safest place to sleep 😉