Have you ever wondered why mothers always carry children on their left side? As it turns out, they have been doing this unknowingly for millions of years. The reason is not so obvious

A mother’s instinct is really powerful and a beautiful thing.

Maternal instincts are one of the most primitive animal instincts. Fundamentals of parenting have not changed for billions of years. Sure, in our day and age we have other problems, like breast-feeding in public places, which is a taboo topic. It’s rarely discussed so the public heightens the topic. That’s not the point, though.

Maternity, birth and childcare are essentially unchanged. Do you wonder how it is that mothers, even though no one teaches them this, know how to care for their children? They wake up in the middle of the night when their baby is not asleep. By some mysterious force, they always know when something is wrong? It’s nothing but instinct. In fact, there are some things about maternity that are so instinctive that we do not always realize we are doing them. One of them is the way we hold our toddlers.

Well, why do you think toddlers are carried on the left side? No, not because most moms are right-handed. The answer is more complicated and equally fascinating. You will find it on the next page.