Have you ever wondered what that tiny pocket in your pants is for? The truth may surprise you!

In almost every model of jeans, located just above the right front pocket and stitched onto it is a smaller pocket. Hardly anything fits in it, that’s why it’s so rarely used. Most of us do not pay much attention to it, treating it as an unnecessary add-on.

There are many different theories on what it’s actually meant for. One of them says it’s a place to store condoms, and another that it’s used for storing bullets or gunpowder. The truth turned out to be completely different! Denim jeans designed by Levi Strauss enjoyed considerable popularity among farmers, cowboys and gold prospectors.



It was originally called a “watch pocket” or in other words, a pocket designed to hold a watch. Cowboys often had watches on chains, and would put them in the pockets of their vests. The manufacturer decided to design the pants so that they could fit one small watch that wouldn’t fall out while riding.

Although pocket watches have gone out of fashion long ago, the tiny pockets have survived to this day and are still sewn into each new pair of jeans.


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