Have you seen a man with one polished nail and don’t know what it means? It’s more important than you think!

Although it may look like a new trend among men, it is absolutely not the care. A polished nail has a much deeper meaning. It is a mark of a campaign aimed at supporting harassed and sexually abused children all over the world.

It was started by Elliot Costello. He travelled to Cambodia and met there a nice girl named Thea. He also learned her sad story, which opened his eyes to the enormous suffering of the youngest.


Thea lived together with her parents in a poor part of the country. Elliot used to visit her and they spend a lot of time together. During one of the meetings, she revealed her biggest secret to him. It turned out that at the age of 8, she was sexually abused.


He could do little about it. He promised that to commemorate her plight, he will keep one nail polished and that he would tell the world about her in order to make people more aware of the problem of child abuse.

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