Hayley’s hunch saved her son, who almost died because of ordinary Ibuprofen. Read why you have to be careful with this drug

Children get sick, which is completely normal. Most kids are tolerant to diseases typical in childhood, but there are cases when a child’s life is in danger. It depends on various factors and, unfortunately, is sometimes the fault of doctors, as was the case with Lewis, a young patient with chickenpox.

Lewis, like many children in his age, became ill with chickenpox. His mother, Hayley Lyons, took him to a pediatrician, so that he could determine an appropriate treatment plan. The doctor prescribed some medication and reassured his mother that her son would recover. The woman, trusting the knowledge and skills of the doctor, complied with his recommendations. Unfortunately, it was a mistake.

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Hayley had a feeling, one that only a mother can have. She knew that she was doing something wrong, that something bad will happen to her child. She hadn’t suspected that the doctor, by prescribing Ibuprofen for the child, made a terrible mistake. Administering these pills to Lewis only worsened his condition. The spots caused by the pox started to transform into blisters, penetrating the skin even deeper. The boy also had a high fever and was suffering greatly, so Hayley took him to the doctor once more.

Spots typical of chickenpox began to take on a strange form.


Unfortunately, the next few specialists were unable to help, claiming that it was a severe case of chickenpox and continuously mimicked the mistake of their predecessors, prescribing the anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen. The woman’s stubbornness, motherly instinct and doubt in doctors helped achieve the correct diagnosis in the end: Lewis had sepsis. Once it was established why the boy’s condition is so bad, they immediately started the correct treatment at a children’s hospital.

You will learn more about the reasons behind Lewis’ health problems and the role of Ibuprofen in their occurrence on the next page.

A correct diagnosis isn’t always easy.