He asked a homeless man if he could borrow a bucket. What he did a moment later, will move you to tears

Minding your own business, cut off from the world, with your nose in your cellphone, we stop noticing the people around us.

In addition to this, it doesn’t matter if they people around us are focused on themselves like us, or quite the opposite – they may need our help, but are too afraid to ask for it out loud. Sometimes, however, it’s worth turning off the indifference and looking favorably at those who are right next to us.

A kind gesture to the needy might not only change their day, but may also have an influence on our own mood, and sometimes even change our world view. And for some of us that, that would come in handy. The fact that helping is not that difficult, was something that a German student was convinced about. All it took was a little empathy and a borrowed bucket from a homeless man to start his initiative.

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