He brought garbage into the woods and drove off. To his surprise, someone brought everything back to his house!

The French city of Laigneville, Picardy boasts an ingenious mayor who cleverly straightened out a person littering the environment. But let’s start from the beginning. A man went for a walk in the woods to enjoy the clean air and beautiful nature. Suddenly, he noticed a suspicious truck.

He decided to see where it was going. It stopped at the edge of the forest and the driver began to unload construction waste and other refuse. He must have been sure that nobody had seen him and would that he would get away with it, but it was not the case.


The witness to the incident informed the mayor about it. He soon found out that the person responsible for littering the forest works in a local construction company. He decided to teach him a lesson and returned all the garbage to its owner. He organized a truck and garbage was delivered to his house.


It’s difficult to imagine how many phone calls I got from mayors from all over France and even from abroad. All of them support me and want to act alike – said the proud Christophe Dietrich.


However, not everyone was pleased and began to accuse the mayor of very inappropriate behavior. He replied briefly:

I’m not doing anything illegal. I just returned the rubbish to its rightful owner.