He Came In A Yellow Dress For A Funeral! You Will Be Moved To Tears Reading Why…

Kevin Elliot and Barry Delaney were best friends. Kevin went on a mission to Afghanistan. Before his departure he has entered into an unusual pact with Barry!

Elliot found that if he dies in action, Barry will come to his funeral in the ugliest dress!

And so it happened … Three years later, Barry showed up at the cemetery in a short yellow dress and pink knee socks.



He drank Kevin’s favourite drink and without any shame appeared on the last farewell.

He extremely stood out from the crowd. Most of the collected people were aware of the promise he had given his friend. They were very impressed that he mustered the courage to do so.


What is the exposure to ridicule compared to the tragic death?

Barry did not care what other people think. As a true friend, he has fulfilled the promise.

It’s called friendship.

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