He came to school in a pink T-shirt and his friends began to mock and intimidate him. What a shame, they had no idea what was behind it…

Fourth-grader William Gierke of Sheboygan Falls Elementary School in Wisconsin came to school one day dressed in a pink shirt with the words “Tough Guys Wear Pink.” He put it on, because he wanted to support women who suffer from breast cancer. He wanted to raise awareness among his fellow classmates. He didn’t however fully succeed in doing so. 

He returned home in tears because his peers had been making fun of him all day. He was bullied and nicknamed “Sissy” just because he was wearing pink colored clothes.


His mother was devastated when he admitted that he’s afraid of going to school. He had never before had such problems, until now.


A week later, the boy showed his mom a picture that made her extremely happy. In the photo, she saw her son and one of the school teachers – Mr. Winter. Both were looking happily into the camera, but it wasn’t this that caught her attention

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