He came to the park to record a song and something amazing happened!

The most beautiful things always happen unexpectedly. Something amazing can be made only by interacting with another person. Sometimes, something that will capture and touch others can happen by accident. That’s what happened in this recording, which is growing in popularity on the Internet.

Carlos and his friends wanted to record a music video to their song. They chose a nook by the park where they set up their equipment and the man began to sing. At first, the recording was going smoothly, just as planned, but after some time a homeless person approached him.

Carlos was singing his song “The Second Chance”, the homeless man looked on for a while, how the man was singing, kneeled next to him and also started to sing.

danny 3

danny 1

He joined the man’s performance with a strong voice, improvising, they created a beautiful song about getting second chances in life, God and love. The man’s voice gave the song a remarkable distinctiveness.

danny 2

This is probably something that you can’t repeat. You can see that in the way Carlos is moved. It turns out that the homeless man is named Danny and has, as the video shows, a great voice.

denny 4


It proves a very old and unfortunately forgotten truth, that you can never judge someone by their looks or the situation that they find themselves in. This especially concerns the homeless, who are frequently educated and very talented people.

See the video for yourselves:

I wonder what happened later to Danny?

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