He couldn’t accept the fact that children after abortion don’t have a proper burial. What he did was a heartbreaker… A great man indeed!

In 2001, Tong Phuoc Phuc of Vietnam was accompanying his pregnant wife during her stay in the hospital. It was at that time that he noticed abortions being carried out regularly in one of the hospital rooms. 

He was shaken up and it got him wondering what was happening with the bodies of the unborn children. He found out that they are being treated very inhumanely.


He wanted, at all costs, to ensure that they have a decent resting place, that’s why a plan was born in his mind. With his savings, he bought a large piece of land on the hillside of Hon Thom in Nha Trang City. It was there that he began to bury children after abortions were carried out on them. At the beginning, his wife wasn’t happy with the idea, but the man didn’t listen to anything she had to say, and finally she gave up. It’s terrifying, because so far Tong has buried more than 10,000 bodies!


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