He covered a tabletop with pennies. The outcome went beyond his wildest expectations! You have to see this!

A table is an ordinary piece of furniture, just as many others in a house. It usually isn’t distinguished by anything in particular. It has a wooden top, four legs and is covered with a tablecloth or tread. Although the owner of this remarkable piece of furniture will not even dare think of covering it with anything at all. It is so beautiful that you can stare at it endlessly!

Placing a tablecloth on it would be unacceptable because its charm lies precisely in the countertop, which was covered with more than three thousand pennies. Working on it was quite time-consuming, but the effect was worth the time spent on it.


The man used a destroyed table. He cleaned it, removed the rim and the old varnish. Then he glued a circular piece of plywood and side boards to the countertop. He painted everything with white and black paint, and started to lay coins on it. He used 3,500 copper coins.

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