He cut a hole in a potato and put a stick in it. A few weeks later, he got something really beautiful!

Roses are beautiful flowers, which we very often plant in gardens. They are great in presentation, wonderfully fragrant and their petals are edible. They go nicely together with gladiolas, lilies and all perennials. Their unique appearance encourages the creation of various floral arrangements that will please the eye and stimulate the senses.

Rose bushes look best grouped together and therefore it is great to plant several next to each other. To do this, it is necessary to multiply the plants. If you think that this is a complex endeavor, you are wrong! You do not have to be an expert in gardening. All you need to know is a solution that we present below!


1. Dig a narrow rectangular groove with a depth of 6-8 inches (15-20cm) and pour some coarse sand into it. The layer should be 1.2 to 2 inches (3-5 cm) high.


Select some healthy rose stems which you want to multiply. They cannot be too thin, it is best if they’re the thickness of a pencil. They have to come from this year’s bloom and should have a length of 8-10 in (20-25 cm).


3. Remove any leaves, thorns and unnecessary growth from the stems.

You will find further instructions on the next page.



  1. Donna