He cut out 4 holes in a baguette and stuck an egg in. When I saw the final dish, I made one just like it at home! It’s delicious!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But we don’t always have time to prepare something delicious and nutritious. While rushing to school or work it’s hard to find a moment to experiment in the kitchen, which is why culinary blogs post more and more creative dishes that can be made in minutes.

If you’re a fan of fast and tasty food, then this recipe will definitely be one you like. You’ll need: one frozen baguette, four eggs and 20 minutes of free time.

1. Pull out the baguette from its package and cut out four small holes.

It’d be good if they were evenly spread out. It’s not very important for the way the food tastes, but if it’s done precisely, then the visual effect of the food will be much better, since we eat with our eyes :).



2. Try to do it very carefully so as not to break through the bottom of the rolls with the knife.



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