He grabbed his 5-week-old child and, without thinking, began hitting him against the sidewalk! All because he wanted to get back at his partner after they were in a fight

Being violent towards children deserves the worst punishment.

Being a single mother is a huge challenge, especially in the beginning, because taking care of a newborn baby is absorbing work. So it’s no wonder that single mothers intensely look for new partners, but unfortunately not every guy is suitable to be a stepfather, which is what the mother of this 5-week-old girl brutally found out.

Courtney Lloyd’s emotional life didn’t work out the way she thought it would. The girl became pregnant, but the child’s father did not want any offspring and she had to come to terms with the fact that she would be a single mom. But before she gave birth to Lillian Grace, she met Dalton R. Davis, with whom she hoped to build a happy family.

Things between the woman and her new partner were working out variously, although their relationship was fresh. One day, they got into a fierce argument and frustrated Courtney laid down for a short nap to calm her excited nerves. When she woke up an hour later, her world was in shambles.

What exactly happened to Lillian Grace? What did her torturer say in court? You’ll find out in the next part of this article.