He had a ticket, but the plane was full, so he was brutally thrown off the craft. It didn’t matter that he explained he was a doctor and needed to hurry back to a patient

There are rules in the way that life is ordered, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use common sense.

Courtesy and being understanding of another person’s situation are important in creating a successful business that is based on providing customer services. Unfortunately, many companies forget about this and treat their customers in an unfair, objectifying, disrespectful, and even degrading way.

Recently, a passgenfer flying with United Airlines was treated in a shameful way. The man bought a ticket for a flight from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky. However, once he was in his seat it turned out he couldn’t fly.

Before takeoff, it turned out that the airline had sold more tickets than it had seats on the flight. By a random lottery, 4 passengers were chosen who were then required to leave the aircraft. One of the chosen passengers refused, which led to the crisis.

You can read more about this event later on in this article and you can also watch a video of the event taken from inside the plane.