He has saved 700 children from death and didn’t tell anyone for 50 years!

While most of us think of war and occupation as just facts from books, the world still has people who remember such terrible events. Many of them wanted to save their humanity and undertook the heroic struggle saving the lives of others.

Sir Nicholas Winton belongs to this group, who saved from certain death 699 children who were being transported to death.

The man organized the transportation of children from the Czech Republic to the UK, on site found a family for everyone. Nobody knew about this act, the man was hiding it, he wasn’t looking for fame. It wasn’t until 50 years later, his wife found in the attic at home records and data of children. She knew nothing about the heroism of her husband, who while visiting a friend in 1938 in the Czech Republic learned about labor camps and decided to save children from such a fate.


In the picture below is Sir Winton Vera Dimant, who thanks to him found a new home and under the name Vera Gissing survived the war.