He helped an old woman with a flat tire. When he got home, he realized what had really done…

A man was driving down a side road and saw an elderly woman in a Mercedes. She had caught a flat tire and was sitting inside not knowing what to do. Without any hesitation the man stopped his car and walked up to her. The old woman was scared and worried. Instead of greeting the man she asked:

‘Is it going to hurt?’.

She must’ve thought that she was about to get robbed or beaten up. At the end of the day she was on foreign grounds and no one would be able to react. In addition the stranger did not look to good. He was dowdy and needed a good shave.


The petrified old lady jumped out of the car. It started raining and she got extremely wet.

‘I’m only here to help you. My name is Bryan Anderson. Why don’t you sit back in your car? It’s warm in there.’ said the stranger.

The man got the jack and spare tire out and got down to work. When he had finished the old lady thanked him and offered money. He refused and just said:

‘If you ever see anyone needing help, offer help. Just remember about me. My name is Bryan Anderson’.


The man could surely use the money, because he wasn’t the richest guy on earth but he felt he couldn’t take anything from the woman because it wasn’t work. It was just helping someone else out.

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