He hit this melting device with his fist so that it would tear away from his skin. Be careful, because you use it every day!

Gareth went for a mountain bike ride through the Manly Dam near Sydney (Australia). At one point, his feet slipped out of the pedals and he fell to the ground. He wouldn’t have suffered any serious injuries, just a few bruises and scrapes, if it weren’t for the cell phone in his pocket.

Unfortunately, a few seconds later, he felt a sharp pain and saw a huge cloud of dark smoke coming from his pants.


Gareth’s smartphone exploded and badly wounded his skin! The phone was so hot that the cyclist wasn’t able to detach it from his leg. He clenched his fist and hit the phone with all his strength. The iPhone fell to the ground along with pieces of his burnt skin. It’s impossible to imagine the pain he must’ve felt when it happened.

It turned out that the injuries he had suffered are very extensive and that he’ll need to have a skin graft done. He spent six days hooked up to a device that removed the charred skin cells.


Gareth talks about his case publically, because he wants to remind people just how dangerous the cell phones which we use every day can be.