He illustrated the problem of bullying in school using apples. Everyone should read this!

Many things can be heard about the persecution of children in schools. When someone looks or behaves differently, they’re immediately the butt of jokes. Long-term harassment can lead to the worst – severe depression and even suicide.

Schools often ignore the problem or simply don’t know how to deal with it. Recently, a story has been circulating the internet about a certain wise teacher who covered the problem and explained to students why one shouldn’t laugh at others.


In connection with present-day incidents, I decided to conduct an experiment. In the morning, I bought two apples at the store around the corner. I had the students sit in a circle and said I wanted to show them something. I pulled out the fruit and told them to list the similarities and differences between them. Both had the same color, size and shape. They were almost identical. On one, some subtle flaws were visible, probably because it was treated with fewer pesticides.


I took the fruit, put it in my hand and said: yuck, this apple is disgusting! Then I threw him down to the ground. The children looked at me oddly. Some laughed, while others surely acknowledged that I’ve lost my mind. I picked the apple up and gave it to a student who was sitting closest to me. What is there to do with it? – I asked.


The student threw it to the ground without any thought whatsoever. After a while, everyone began behaving the same way. They threw the apple and commented on how ugly it is. Once everyone had had it in their hand the fruit returned to me. I once again asked what differences and similarities they can see. At first glance, they still looked the same. Although one was thrown repeatedly, no major damage to the skin was visible.