He immortalized children from around the world and their toys in photographs. The first two will move you to tears

There is probably no child in the world, who does not like to play. Almost every child has a beloved toy without which his world is falling apart and tears appear in their eyes. Certainly each of you remembers the cuddly dolls or toy cars that accompanied you in your childhood.

The photographer Gabriele Galimberti decided to realize a very interesting project and take pictures of children from different corners of the planet with their favorite toys. The result of his work is an extraordinary photographic journey through children’s rooms all around the world. It not only documents the realities of a childhood in different countries, but also shows the contrasts in the level of life that, still exist.

Have a look at the unusual photographic essay and – we hope – share a moment of reflection with us.


Khiva from Mchinji in Malawi 265

Tangawizi from Kenya


Botlhe of Maun in Botswana