He jumped into the river to save a dog. When he reached the shore he realized what had followed him!

Deep in the sea, there are creatures even the bravest man would be scared of.

Viperfish, blob fish, fangtooths, giant isopods or reef stonefish are only a few examples of the countless “monsters” that live in seas and oceans. Not everyone knows about their existence and some of these terrifying species have just been discovered. By the way, it’s interesting how many unknown creatures live deep in the oceans, waiting to be found.

There is much fewer fish species in rivers and lakes but sometimes mysterious creatures are found even there. One of them was found in Russia. Fishermen caught a strange, wrinkled thing which had skin instead of scales.

Policemen from Tampa, Florida also found a strange creature swimming in one of the rivers. Go to next pages to read about it.