He knew that his wife is cheating on him. He did not make a fight, but prepared a surprise party instead. She will certainly not forget it for the rest of her life!

Betrayal is, on the long run, pretty difficult to conceal. Unfaithful partners, excited about their new relationship, make a lot of mistakes and leave a lot of leads. The sudden change in appearance, constant phone calls, mysterious expenses and disappearances from home are just some of the signs of infidelity. The best is to check to find out where you stand and whether it makes sense to pull together a relationship based on a lie.

A man suspected that his wife had a lover. He right! See how he exposed her betrayal.


„I have long had the impression that my wife was cheating on me. These suspicions did not come out of nowhere. She constantly smiled upon getting a text message. When I asked her who was writing, she always said that it was her mother. She began staying longer at work, sometimes late into the night. I once called her office and asked the secretary why did she take so long to come back. I learned that she had left a long time ago. My wife did not want me to explain this situation to me and turned everything into a joke.


When one night left at 11.30pm to get milk and came back at 2am, I was sure that she had visited her lover. Now I’m smart and I know what I should have done. I advise all those who are in a similar situation to hire private investigators. They are good at what they do and will get all the necessary evidence her you to get a divorce quickly.

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