He made a parody of a famous campaign with a lot of charm and a sense of humour. Thumbs up!

I bet most of you are wondering what it’s like to be a part of a photo shoot for a well known brand.

The french stylist Nathalie Croquet decided to find out, standing in front of the camera lens. Together with the photographer David Schweizer, they remade pictures that well-known brands have shot with signed models such as Kate Moss, Edie Campbell and others. The work during the photo shoot seems to be a dream come true for most women, but meanwhile the truth of what it really looks like isn’t how most of us imagine it to be. After doing the photo shoot, Croquet said: “Women, alterations, cosmetics, aging, beauty, their all matters of discussion, that come to mind after taking part in the session.”, “I feel that models need a much more spiritual approach towards life and having fun.”, “I’m happy that I can pass this on in my pictures, simply making fun of myself.:

Eleven Paris