He parted with his mistress who was pregnant. 9 months later, his wife received a postcard…

For several years, a married and wealthy man had been having an affair with a beautiful woman from Italy. His work forced him to travel frequently to that country, and in order to not feel lonely, he decided to find somebody on the side.

Everything was going his way and his wife had no idea that he was leading a double life. One day, he received a very disturbing message from the attractive Italian woman.


The woman told him that she’s pregnant. What can you do in such a situation? The businessman reached for one of the simplest solutions. He offered his lover a lot of money, which was going to, in turn, keep her quiet. He didn’t want to destroy his impeccable reputation and cross out a long-term marriage. He pledged to support the child financially until 18 years of age.


The woman, tempted by the enormous amount of money, agreed to such an arrangement. But there was one problem. She was prohibited from contacting the child’s father in fear that his wife could learn the truth.

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