He poured hot tea out of a thermos in -40°F weather. The effect is spectacular!

Hot water turns into ice clouds when it suddenly comes into contact with subzero temperature. Michael Davies of Ontario decided to photograph this amazing phenomenon. Along with his friend Marcus, he went 12.5 miles (20 km) from the Arctic Circle to perform an incredible shoot.

I live in the Canadian part of the Arctic – Pangnirtung. Sometimes the sun shines here for only 2.5 hours! One day we decided to go with a friend to a nearby peak. We took a thermos full of hot tea and searched for a place that clearly views the sunset. The poured tea froze instantly in the air, creating a stunning effect.

Nothing happened by accident. I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot. We took a lot of flasks and waited for the right moment. Admittedly, the session came out perfectly! Photos immediately appealed to Internet users, who willingly shared and commented on these breathtaking photographs. We hope you enjoy them too!

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