He poured some mortar into a rubber glove. When you see what he got out of it, you’ll be speechless!

Warmer and warmer days help gardening enthusiasts intensify their work in a garden. It is a good time for seeding seeds, hoeing the ground or clearing plant residues after winter.

Although the following weeks bring lots of work, the effort will be rewarded with beautiful plants and the opportunity of relaxing in a beautifully decorated landscape.


In shopping malls and garden shops you can buy a lot of decorations, that look great in the garden. The choice is huge: sculptures, colorful planters, mini-fountains, lamps or fancy flowerbeds… Sometimes it’s hard to decide on a specific thing, not only because of their diversity, but also because of the limited budget that does not allow for the purchase of such expensive decoration.

But we have good news – you can make yourself one of the beautiful decorations. Not only will you save money but you’ll also have the satisfaction of doing something with your own hands.

See what you need to prepare:

  • rubber gloves (preferably made out of thick rubber
  • mortar
  • a bucket
  • a scoop
  • a spatula for mixing

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Yellow Rubber Gloves


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